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What happens during a Reiki attunement?

Sep 01

Although I’ve been working for more than ten years as a Reiki Master, each time a student asks me how a Reiki attunement actually works, I look back at my own experience and I notice that my understanding is still developing .

At first, the process seems to be very mysterious, but we will see that there is more understanding available to us than we may first think if we investigate objectively. There are a number of factors that work together to ensure that a Reiki attunement has an understandable and lasting effect.

Let us say firstly that an initiation liberates an inherent or natural potential we all have available to us. The following aspects converge to allow this potential to be realised.

QA2UI38DJPResonance. In English the Reiki initiation is most usually called an attunement. This term is a useful way to think about what is happening. In the same way that a vibrating guitar string struck close to another string causes it vibrate in sympathy, during an attunement the Reiki Master has a similar effect on the student. Lets look at a technical definition: ”Resonance occurs when the natural vibrational frequency of a body is greatly amplified by vibrations at the same frequency from another body”. The only nuance with an initiation is a Reiki Master tunes the student to the Reiki frequency.

So far this is fairly logical, but if this was all there was to it then anyone who just stood beside a Reiki Master would automatically be attuned to Reiki, so more pieces are needed to complete this puzzle.

Intention. We all know that intent determines everything and the more focus and energy behind the intention, the more can be achieved. During the attunement, it is the intention of the Reiki Master to tune the student to the Reiki energy. He or she creates a focused area in which the attunement takes place . This shared focus acts as a conductor and catalyst enabling a shift to occur.

be-511557_1920A metaphor in consciousness and energy transfer. That millions of people around the world are now initiated into Reiki means that there is a strong groove in our collective consciousness making Reiki more accessible to us all. During the attunement the Reiki Master brings the Reiki symbols into the aura at the same moment that the effect of the resonance is tuning the student to the Reiki frequency . This, combined with the intent of the Master and the expectations of the student, is what causes the alignment with the Reiki frequency.

The experience of the student during the attunement is very varied. Most feel an expanded sense of self and deeper peace. The sensation of movement of chi energy at the energy centers, especially at the Crown chakra are commen. Directly after the attunement the student is able to channel and work with the Reiki energy.

By Justin Peach Reiki Master Teacher