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Courses – Coming Soon

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Reiki 1 Course 

During the Reiki beginners course you will learn how to treat yourself and others with Reiki. You will learn how to protect your own energy field.
Working with Reiki stimulates your spiritual and personal development allowing you to awaken to more subtle energies as well as deepening your intuitive ability.


Receive the Reiki 1 attunement

More energy

Open your energy channels

Learn Reiki

Learn how to give yourself and others a Reiki treatment


Receive the Reiki 1 certificate

Very powerful and amazing course.

-Mandie   O

Wise, enlightening, entertaining and inspiring. Any doubts or anxieties were quickly dispelled and the course really exceeded all expectations.

​-Sue R

Good information on how to focus and gather your energy, Rosie explained in a fun and straight to the point way.

​- Sas T

Do I need to have any prior knowledge?

What type of Reiki is taught?

Are there any follow up meetings?

Why do I see so many different Reiki prices?

Reiki 2 Course 

The Reiki 2 attunement takes your Reiki development deeper and further. You learn how to give a powerful Reiki treatment from a distance. The secrets of the Reiki symbols will also be revealed to you, how they work to focus the Reiki on different levels of the body and being. This day will also help you to understand the role that your intention plays in energy healing.


    Receive the Reiki 2 attunement

    Reiki Symbols

    Learn to work with the Reiki symbols

    Distance treatment

    Learn the technique of giving a Reiki distance treatment


    Receive the Reiki 2 certificate

    I found the course very valuable. The way the instructor taught us and the content of the course made me feel very at home.


    We were very warmly received. I got a deeper understanding which is very useful to me, for now and in the future.


    An extremely energetic and inspiring day! : -) Thank you

    Sheila P

    I have done Reiki 1 with another Master

    How long should I wait before Reiki 2?

    Reiki 3 Course 

    The Reiki Master attunement takes your Reiki development even deeper and further. You will learn how to attune others to Reiki. During the course we will look at the whole Reiki trajectory of development so that you better understand what Reiki is and how it works helping you to deepen your autonomy and guide others.


      Receive the full Reiki Master attunement

      Master Symbol

      Learn the Reiki Master symbol

      Attune Others

      Learn how to attune others to the Reiki energy


      Receive the Reiki Master certificate

      I experienced the day of the Master attunement as very warm and safe. Rosie gave a clear explanation of the attunement and what Reiki means in our time and Western civilisation. I think back on this day with much warmth.


      A very inspiring, educational and fun day. Interesting subjects passed by that relate not only to the healing process, but also how you live your life, thanks Rosie.


      It was a beautiful day in which I received my Reiki Master attunement. My goal to help, inspire and teach others has been reached. I am greatful for what I have received and may pass on. I am also grateful to you for the attunement.


      Is this Reiki 3a and 3b?

      Do I have to attune others?